It’s true what they say: 

Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. 

For the longest time, like everyone else, I’ve been struggling to find my purpose in life. What I am about to say next might sound boastful, but I promise you that is not my intention. I’m just letting all out, unfiltered. 

I know that I’m not like the average human being. 

I whole heartedly believe that I am meant to do so much more in this world. I’m not talking about being famous, being a billionaire, or being a martyr in the history books. 

I want to make a positive impact and change peoples lives. 

At first, my way of reaching my goal was to reach out to as many people and deliver an inspiring speech about how great life is and their true potential. However, that idea quickly deteriorated. 

Then, I believed that I had to become famous like Ellen Degeneres; but, that idea was not probable. 

FINALLY! After reading